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Piknic ÈlectroniK

Piknic Électronik is a social and family event that brings us closer to electronic music and its culture, combining gastronomy, fun, content for children and sustainability, also inviting us to rediscover different parks in the city.


An annual vanguard season with the best of national and international electronic artists, with a history of over 100 events in iconic non-traditional locations and an exquisite combination of music, art and design.


The most sustainable electronic music festival in the world.

Year after year it summons thousands of people with a clear purpose: to live a unique musical experience, free of meat, surrounded by entertainment, energy efficiency, recycling and zero carbon emissions; a massive and collective awakening of consciousness.


Gallery Weekend Santiago is an event that, since 2017, has been inviting people to discover the city through contemporary art, bringing together artists, gallery owners and everyone. Four days of multiple contents, openings, music, conversations and workshops on the current situation of contemporary art.


A massive and familiar event that gathers people of all ages in a unique open-air space, where the most famous sandwich’s restaurants and foodtrucks of the country and new discoveries are present, to enjoy with friends and family every year.


An eco-friendly festival that combines art activations with the most important urban sounds from Chile and the world, to listen and dance in outdoor spaces every summer.


Santo Remedio is the first aphrodisiac restaurant in Santiago. It’s a tribute to love and for 23 years has celebrated it by worshipping Venus, its inspiring muse.

With signature dishes and drinks that mix recipes from different cultures and places of the world and inspired by the most exquisite sounds, everything converges in one of the most important points: to stimulate all the senses of those who visit it.

glovox BLOG

A platform to communicate and promote content about trends, culture, lifestyle and sustainability. A showcase that highlights relevant topics for our audiences and promotes content creators that add value to the conversation, thinking and the way we relate to the world of information.