Our brands

Piknic ÈlectroniK

Is a social and family event that brings us closer to electronic music and its culture, combining gastronomy, fun, content for children and sustainability that invite us to rediscover different parks in the city on each event.
Born in Montreal 18 years ago, today is a consolidated world brand with events in Australia, Barcelona, Paris, Lisboa, Santiago and very soon in Miami, Punta del Este and Brazil.
More then 1 millon goers per season worldwide!


An avant garde annual season with the best of the underground electronic scene. international electronic artists, with a history of over 100 events in iconic non traditional locations and an exquisite combination of music, art and design. The most important electronic party in Chile!


The most sustainable electronic music festival in the world. born in Amsterdam is now one of the highlights of the market and growing very fast world wide with editions in Sao Paulo, Santiago, TelAviv, India, Madrid, Barcelona and new cities very soon!
Year after year it summons thousands of people with a clear purpose to live a uni ue musical experience, free of meat, surrounded by entertainment, energy efficiency activations, recycling and zero carbon emissions a massive and collective awakening of consciousness.


An event that, since 2017, has been inviting people to explore the contemporary art scene, bringing together artists, gallery owners and everyone involved in the vibrant and creative art bussines. Four days of multiple contents, openings, music, talks, masterclasses and workshops on contemporary art.
50.000 people enjoy the physical and online contents every year.


The Paste Up festival is a circuit which in its first edition turns into an open air museum a part of Vitacura district, an exhibition with works created by outstanding Chilean visual artists that give a new appearance to emblematic buildings in the area. New forms and colours that invite you to leave galleries and museums to experience the visual arts through the city.


An event that, since 2017, has been inviting people to explore the contemporary art The International Festival of Digital Creativity and Electronic Music, MUTEK, was founded 22 years ago in Montreal, Canada. Its purpose is to promote digital culture; exploring the infinite possibilities of art and technology, supporting the exchange between artistic communities and allowing the public to discover new trends and amazing digital proposals of immersive art, performances and installations.


A massive and familiar event that gathers people of all ages in a uni ue open air space, where the most famous sandwiches restaurants and foodtrucks of the country, ccombined with live music, live cooking and a gourmet market are placed togeather so 30.000 people can enjoy with friends and family every year.


An eco friendly festival that combines art activations with the most important urban sounds from Chile and the world, to listen and dance in a nice & chic outdoor space every summer.
6.000 people enjoy this boutique festival each year.


Time Warp is an international electronic music festival whose first edition was held 26 years ago, in November 1994 in Germany. Since then it has spread to several cities around the world such as New York, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo and Milan, with more than 50 editions, 300 artists and 600,000 people who have filled the dance floor to enjoy the experience generated by the festival and the music of the best artists of the genre.

glovox BLOG

The way we comunicate with our audience & community is with our blog.
Our newborn project is a space to learn, listen and enjoy whats going on in the world.
With more than 50 trendsetters checking the last trends and creating the best possible content. Still young and with only 25K subscribers we will increase our crowd every month for sure.


An iconic club & restaurant located in Providencia, the heart of Santiago de Chile, for the last 24 years!
An eclectic combination of fusion food, the best cocktails and always amazing music has allowed us to keep on rocking for more than 2 decades.