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Join this campaign, donate a tree and together let’s recover our forests!
Because we are committed to develop a #sustainableentertainment industry and reduce our carbon footprint, in 2019 we made an important alliance with Fundación Reforestemos so that, through the purchase of tickets to any of our events, all fans can donate a native tree and contribute to reforest thousands of hectares of our country.
And as we always want to exceed our goals, through Glovox Foundation, we want to invite you to continue donating native trees at any time and from anywhere.

Join us and let’s give the planet a break!



In Chile, thousands of people suffer from poor nutrition and malnutrition and Glovox Foundation wants to make a concrete contribution through the “Circular Dining Room” project. An initiative that contributes to waste reduction, food recovery and resource conservation.
It is a very complete project that fights climate change and creates new jobs, while feeding the most needy ones. In cooperation with ANAGEC and convention centers, we will collect the processed food that is discarded every weekend to portion it, label it and distribute it to different homes for children and senior citizens.

Do you want to be part of this Circular Dining Room and collaborate with a food ration?



Glovox Lab is an educational platform that seeks to bring culture and art to the most vulnerable communities in order to promote creativity, encourage their motivation and the development of new skills, as well as to inspire people who do not have regular access to these stimuli.
For this, the GloVox Foundation develops annual work plans that require the contribution of public and private funds to implement educational programs and reach thousands of children and young people in the country.

Do you want to collaborate with us?
Donate a place in a workshop or talk!